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Creating an Empowering & Educational environment through Safe, Inclusive & Positive Experiences.


  • Leadership
    • Service: Lead by example, be there for others, and be open to new ideas. Create value that is more than the game, focus on experiences and future application.
    • Strong Relationships: Be direct, truthful, & open. Be decisive. Respond, don’t react.
  • Responsibility
    • Teaching Personal & Social Responsibility (TPSR): Help students learn to be responsible by giving them increasing amounts of responsibility and by carefully shifting a significant portion of decision-making responsibilities to them.
  • Self Confidence
    • As you start setting goals and taking small steps to achieve them you begin to empower yourself which leads to building both self-confidence and self-empowerment.


  • Develop Skills
    • Develop ways to cope with highs and lows of life (Social & Emotional).
  • Physical Skills
    • Sports concepts & rules
    • Physical development
  • Life Skills
    • Problem solving & teamwork


  • Social
    • Feeling of connectedness and support, not isolation. Create a shared belief of community with group dynamics, and be tolerant of diverse opinions.
  • Emotional / Psychological
    • Managing your emotion, and the team’s emotions successfully.
    • Being able to show one’s self without fear of negative consequences of self-image.
  • Physical
    • Feeling safe in any situation & environment. While also being prepared as a coach for physical injuries to occur.


  • Equity
    • Opportunity to participate while also providing high-level experiences/support/education
  • Equality
    • Access to play, no discrimination. Introducing students to new people/places/experiences
  • Disabilities
    • Physical, Mental, Social, Learning


  • Teachable Moments
    • Success/failure. Perspective. Perseverance. Teamwork. Responsibility. Respect towards coaches/teammates
  • Outside Narratives
    • Bringing personal goals over the welfare of team/players.
  • Community
    • Collaboration: a sense of community, playing for YOUR school, playing against OTHER schools.

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