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• Visiting Teams must be monitored at all times by their supervising Adult

• Visiting Teams must have a ratio of 15 to 1 to be allowed at an activity

• Supervisors of teams cannot leave without their team at the end of a scheduled game or match.

• Supervisors must escort their team off of school property (preferably out of the neighborhood)

• Spectators for a Visiting Team must also have supervision provided by the visiting school (15 to 1)

• Clear procedures listed for behaviors and acts at all MSAL events

• Student activities and sports are an integral part of the Middle School educational program.

• The emphasis of a Middle School activities program is on teaching, participation, and progression with less on the competitive pressures.

• Participants, coaches, parents, officials, and fans shall model and uphold the highest ideals of sportsmanship.

• The supervision of activities should be in the hands of trained school personnel. The selection of this leadership should be based on their knowledge of teaching activities to this age group, understanding of the modified sports/activities program, training, and safety procedures.

• Athletes and activity participants will always conduct themselves in an appropriate manner that will not harm or taint the reputation of the school, group, or teammates. This includes posts and comments on social media sites.

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