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Standings For Current Season


1Manhattan Academy of Technology (MS 126)10001.000
2Isobel Rooney Middle School (MS 80)710.875
3Eugenio Maria De Hostos Middle School (K 318)640.600
4Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School (K 355)630.667
5Conselyea Preparatory School (MS 577)611.750
6Simon Baruch Middle School (MS 104)6001.000
7John Ericsson Middle School (MS 126)530.625
8University Neighborhood Middle School (MS 332)520.714
9East Fordham Academy for the Arts (MS 459)430.571
10Robert F. Wagner Middle School (MS 167)410.800
11East Side Middle School (MS 114)4001.000
12John D. Wells Middle School (MS 50)350.375
13Mott Hall Bridges Academy (MS 671)341.375
14East Side Community Middle School (MS 450)320.600
15Battery Park City School (IS 276)310.750
15Hunter Middle School310.750
15Laboratory School of Finance & Technology (MS 223)310.750
15Mott Hall Charter School (MS 177)310.750
19Institute for Collaborative Education (MS 407)261.222
20Booker T. Washington Middle School (MS 54)240.333
20City Knoll Middle School (MS 933)240.333
20NEST+M Middle School (MS 539)240.333
23Hudson River Middle School (IS 289)230.400
24Mott Hall III Middle School (MS 128)222.333
25Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies (MS 312)220.500
26West End Secondary School (MS 291)210.667
27Academy for Personal Leadership & Excellence (MS 363)140.250
28Computer School (MS 245)130.250
29Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School (MS 478)120.333
30Academy of Public Relations (MS 298)111.333
31Upper Academy (MS 582)090.000
32School for Global Leaders (MS 378)060.000
33The Sheila Mencher Van Cortlandt School (MS 95)050.000
34School of the Future (MS 413)041.000
35Hamilton Grange Middle School (MS 209)040.000
36Bronx Academy of Letters (MS 551)031.000
37Cornelia Connelly Center030.000
38Yorkville East Middle School (MS 177)0000.000

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