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Standings For Current Season

Varsity Table Tennis

1Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies (MS 312)141.933
2Robert F. Wagner Middle School (MS 167)113.786
3Anderson School (MS 334)67.462
4Battery Park City School (IS 276)61.857
5Hudson River Middle School (IS 289)44.500
6Simon Baruch Middle School (MS 104)43.571
7Lower Manhattan Community Middle School (MS 896)34.429
8Manhattan Academy of Technology (MS 126)32.600
9Salk School of Science (MS 255)29.182
10West End Secondary School (MS 291)24.333
11School of the Future (MS 413)23.400
12Clinton School (MS 260)13.250
1375 Morton St. School (MS 297)12.333
14Woodside (MS 125)11.500
15Quest to Learn Middle School (MS 422)05.000
16Computer School (MS 245)03.000
16Yorkville East Middle School (MS 177)03.000

JV Table Tennis

1Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies (MS 312)91.900
2Robert F. Wagner Middle School (MS 167)81.889
3Battery Park City School (IS 276)61.857
4Anderson School (MS 334)53.625
5Hudson River Middle School (IS 289)43.571
6Simon Baruch Middle School (MS 104)34.429
7Manhattan Academy of Technology (MS 126)32.600
8School of the Future (MS 413)23.400
8West End Secondary School (MS 291)23.400
1075 Morton St. School (MS 297)21.667
11Salk School of Science (MS 255)17.125
12Clinton School (MS 260)13.250
13Lower Manhattan Community Middle School (MS 896)05.000
14Quest to Learn Middle School (MS 422)03.000
14Yorkville East Middle School (MS 177)03.000
16Computer School (MS 245)02.000
17Woodside (MS 125)01.000

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Varsity Boys: LAB

Varsity Girls: Wagner

JV: Wagner

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