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IS 185

Queens Division

Location: 147-26 25th Dr, Flushing, NY 11354



1Vista Academy (K 661)12001.000
2Adrien Block Intermediate School (IS 25)1110.917
3Mott Hall Science & Tech Middle School (MS 454)11001.000
4Simon Baruch Middle School (MS 104)1010.909
5Eugenio Maria De Hostos Middle School (K 318)930.750
6East Side Community Middle School (MS 450)920.818
7Macombs Educational Campus (MS 232)910.900
8Robert F. Wagner Middle School (MS 167)820.800
9East Side Middle School (MS 114)811.800
9Hudson River Middle School (IS 289)811.800
11Bronx School of Young Leaders (MS 331)810.889
12Bronx Writing Academy (MS 323)730.700
12Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School (K 355)730.700
14Edward Bleeker Middle School (IS 185)720.778
14Hunter Middle School720.778
16Charles O. Dewey Middle School (MS 136)631.600
17Luisa Dessus Cruz Middle School (MS 302)630.667
17Mott Hall III Middle School (MS 128)630.667
17Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (MS 348)630.667
20Battery Park City School (IS 276)621.667
21Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School (MS 74)570.417
22John Ericsson Middle School (MS 126)561.417
23Irwin Altman Middle School (MS 172)560.455
23Leonardo Da Vinci Middle School (IS 61)560.455
25Anderson School (MS 334)550.500
26Louis Pasteur Middle School (MS 67)520.714
27Eagle Academy For Young Men III (MS 327)470.364
28Pedro Albizu Campos Middle School (MS 161)450.444
29Isobel Rooney Middle School (MS 80)430.571
30Maria Teresa Middle School (MS 319)421.571
30School for Global Leaders (MS 378)421.571
32Dorothy Bonawit Kole Middle School (MS 49)380.273
33Computer School (MS 245)350.375
33Eagle Academy For Young Men (MS 231)350.375
33Legacy College Preparatory (MS 585)350.375
33The Equity Project Charter School (MS 430)350.375
37Institute for Collaborative Education (MS 407)341.375
38Middle School 89 (MS 89)340.429
39New Millennium Business Academy Middle School (MS 328)331.429
40John D. Wells Middle School (MS 50)290.182
41Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School (MS 478)280.200
41West End Secondary School (MS 291)280.200
43Upper Academy (MS 582)271.200
44Conselyea Preparatory School (MS 577)261.222
45Holliswood School (MS 178)260.250
46Manhattan Academy of Technology (MS 126)250.286
46NEST+M Middle School (MS 539)250.286
48Academy for Personal Leadership & Excellence (MS 363)240.333
48Robert A. Van Wyck Middle School (MS 217)240.333
50The Sheila Mencher Van Cortlandt School (MS 95)181.100
51Salk School of Science (MS 255)170.125
52Bronx Park Middle School (MS 556)160.143
53East Fordham Academy for the Arts (MS 459)150.167
53Liberty Avenue Middle School (MS 662)150.167
53School of the Future (MS 413)150.167
56Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies (MS 312)140.200
56Laboratory School of Finance & Technology (MS 223)140.200
58City Knoll Middle School (MS 933)090.000
59Linden Renaissance Middle School (MS 192)080.000
60Bronx School for Law, Government & Justice (MS 505)070.000
60Dr. Sun Yat Sen School (MS 131)070.000
62Unity Preparatory Charter School of Brooklyn (K 757)060.000
63Bronx Academy of Letters (MS 551)050.000
64Hamilton Grange Middle School (MS 209)010.000
65Academy of Public Relations (MS 298)000.000
65Ann Mersereau Middle School (MS 206)000.000
65Hyde Leadership Charter School (MS 345)000.000
68Richard Grossley Junior High (MS 8)0000.000
68Russell Sage Middle School (MS 190)0000.000

Varsity Boys Soccer – Queens

1Voice Charter School of New York (MS 304)510.833
2Adrien Block Intermediate School (IS 25)5001.000
3Leonardo Da Vinci Middle School (IS 61)411.667
4Corona Arts & Sciences Academy (IS 311)231.333
5Edward Bleeker Middle School (IS 185)221.400
5William H. Carr Middle School (IS 194)221.400
7Louis Pasteur Middle School (MS 67)060.000
8Bell Academy Middle School (IS 294)050.000

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