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MSAL Uniform Policy & GUIDELINES

Manhattan Youth believes in competitive equity. Our organization serves a broad community with varied economic backgrounds. It is our goal to provide adequate resources to ensure all of our athletes are able to compete on a level playing field. With this mission in mind, we have standardized the uniform process so the focus is always community and leadership on the field.

Return Policy

MSAL asks that all uniforms be returned to the Director of that After School Program. At the discretion of the Director, Student-Athletes can keep the multi-purpose shirts, but we ask that all sport-specific uniforms be returned at the end of the season.

Field Permits
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Rules & Policies

Visiting Teams must be monitored at all times by their supervising Adult.

Visiting Teams must have a ratio of 15 to 1 to be allowed at an activity.

Supervisors of teams cannot leave without their team at the end of a scheduled game or match.

Supervisors must escort their team off of school property (preferably out of the neighborhood).

Spectators for a Visiting Team must also have supervision provided by the visiting school (15 to 1).

Clear procedures listed for behaviors and acts at all MSAL events.

Student activities and sports are an integral part of the Middle School educational program.

The emphasis of a Middle School activities program is on teaching, participation, and progression with less on the competitive pressures.

Participants, coaches, parents, officials, and fans shall model and uphold the highest ideals of sportsmanship.

The supervision of activities should be in the hands of trained school personnel. The selection of this leadership should be based on their knowledge of teaching activities to this age group, understanding of the modified sports/activities program, training, and safety procedures.

Athletes and activity participants will always conduct themselves in an appropriate manner that will not harm or taint the reputation of the school, group, or teammates. This includes posts and comments on social media sites.

Core Values
Creating an Empowering & Educational environment through Safe, Inclusive & Positive Experiences.
Service: Lead by example, be there for others, and be open to new ideas. Create value that is more than the game, focus on experiences and future application.
Strong Relationships: Be direct, truthful, & open. Be decisive. Respond, don’t react.
Teaching Personal & Social Responsibility (TPSR): Help students learn to be responsible by giving them increasing amounts of responsibility and by carefully shifting a significant portion of decision-making responsibilities to them.
Self Confidence
As you start setting goals and taking small steps to achieve them you begin to empower yourself which leads to building both self-confidence and self-empowerment.
Develop Skills
Develop ways to cope with highs and lows of life (Social & Emotional).
Physical Skills
Sports concepts & rules
Physical development
Life Skills
Problem solving & teamwork
Feeling of connectedness and support, not isolation. Create a shared belief of community with group dynamics, and be tolerant of diverse opinions.
Emotional / Psychological
Managing your emotion, and the team’s emotions successfully.
Being able to show one’s self without fear of negative consequences of self-image.
Feeling safe in any situation & environment. While also being prepared as a coach for physical injuries to occur.
Opportunity to participate while also providing high-level experiences/support/education
Access to play, no discrimination. Introducing students to new people/places/experiences
Physical, Mental, Social, Learning
Teachable Moments
Success/failure. Perspective. Perseverance. Teamwork. Responsibility. Respect towards coaches/teammates
Outside Narratives
Bringing personal goals over the welfare of team/players.
Collaboration: a sense of community, playing for YOUR school, playing against OTHER schools.
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Friday, Sept 29, 2023

All Games Are Cancelled.